About & Bio

Malcolm S (Glasgow, Scotland)

After leaving Glasgow in September 2015 to study in Germany for a year, it quickly became a ton more – travelling through Europe, meeting people, learning and generally dealing with all sorts along the way. 17 months later I’ve decided it was worth starting a blog! As well as for a bit of extra motivation, it’s just to cover as much as I can, for example the events taking place, how they look from over here and different things I’ve discovered –  often only by working things out as I go along, sometimes counter-intuitive.

So yes, really just a log of all the events, the experiences, the people, challenges, problems and everything I’ve had to handle while I’m here. It’s helped me learn so much about so many different things. Of course I hope you and others gain something too, but for now it’s for me as much as anyone else: To document and learn as much as I can from the experience. I’ll start there.

Thanks for reading! If you wish to get in touch, go to Contact. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.